Ray Medler of Dedham Neighbourhood Watch writes - We at Dedham Neighbourhood Watch are in the process of compiling a list of all the volunteer 'NhW Co-ordinators' in various locations throughout Dedham village, and among the duties these local 'Co-ordinators' accept responsibility for are:  

  • To pass on warnings and also any relevant local information (issued by the local Police) to their immediate neighbours, especially the elderly and/or infirm, and to those villagers within their immediate area who are not linked by computer.  This will entail either phoning those local people within their immediate area who do not have a computer, and/or visiting those villagers who may not have a telephone available.
  • Each local co-ordinator should ideally make themselves aware of those living in their specific local area who are perhaps less mobile generally and/or elderly, and who sometimes have a need to seek help of some kind or another. 
  • And especially in preparation for the possibility of seasonal bad winter weather, and the inherent problems this would bring, it was decided to make plans for our NhW co-ordinators to help our less able villagers (especially for those who are long-term infirm or handicapped in some way) contend with the mobility problems associated with the worst extremes of bad weather.
  • With this in mind we have decided that initially we NhW co-ordinators should all compile a list of those elderly and/or less able-bodied folk in their immediate vicinity who would of course have great difficulty coping with extreme bad weather conditions.  Each co-ordinator should please identify and list those residents in the village that you consider in or around your location who would possibly need help in any adverse conditions, and to make available a list of their names and addresses phone numbers etc... for reference if the need arises?  

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