Colchester has just launched an online Historic Environment Record for Colchester Borough.

The site contains over 10,000 records detailing the heritage of Colchester Borough from the earliest human activity to the Cold War. Colchester is the oldest recorded town in the British Isles and has a rich archaeological and historical background. Archaeologists and historians have been collecting information about Colchester's past for hundreds of years and this website brings together the results of their research.

You can use this site to help you find out more about Dedham, including historic buildings, archaeological excavations and finds.  Any period of interest including early prehistory, the Iron Age, the Roman period and the medieval period. Industrial activity in and around the Borough.  Archaeological finds such as prehistoric flint tools, Roman jewellery or medieval pottery. 


The Fenwick Hoard

The first hoard of precious metals ever found in Colchester

Colchester Dykes

Iron Age defensive ditches

The Red Lion Hotel

One of the earliest surviving buildings in Colchester